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Let's face it, all pilots love instruments.  Which of us didn't salivate the first time we laid eyes on the sleek styling and extensive feature list of a Garmin GNS530.  In fact, for most pilots, the mere thought of a GNS530 still invokes a moderate Pavlovian response today.  XPanel 5000 nurtures our innate instrument fascination by providing a highly visual, powerful, easy to use, platform in which to rapidly design a plethora of instrument panels for any aircraft limited only by our imagination.

However, the virtues of XPanel 5000 are not purely seated in the realms of fantasy.  The aging condition of todays general aviation fleet alone necessitates that most aircraft owners consider updating their panels to something of a post "Wright Flyer" era.  Coupled with increased flight restrictions and the almost zero tolerance for infractions the need for panel upgrade becomes almost imperative.  Add a skosh of desire and voilla, the need for XPanel 5000 is born.

The XPanel 5000 software package is designed to afford independent aircraft manufacturers (ie Kit Builders) and production aircraft owners an economical, highly extensible, user friendly tool with which to design aircraft panels.

XPanel 5000 has been painstakingly engineered to be extremely easy to use.  Our heavy visual bias makes using the system very intuitive. You do not need to be a computer expert to use this product.  However,  don't let it's simplistic interface fool you.  XPanel 5000 is feature rich, with capabilities you won't find in any other program of its kind.

XPanel 5000 was designed from the ground up to be highly extensible.  By giving user the ability to add new panel templates and avionics as well as edit existing ones you can be assured that your program will ALWAYS be up to date and NEVER become obsolete.

XPanel's ease of use, extensibility and power make it the ideal product for serious panel designers as well as those with lighter intentions.

To find out more about all that XPanel 5000 has to offer be sure to explore the rest of our help.

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