The Application Window

The application window is divided into 6 sections each performing multiple functions.  For a detailed description of each section see the appropriate top level topic.


The Menu Bar

The menu bar is where you perform tasks such as:

See the Menu Bar Topic for a detailed description.


Icon Bar

The icon bar contains icons for the panel manipulation tasks you will perform most.  

Email: a compressed copy of a panel to a recipient's email address.  If the recipient has a full copy of XPanel 5000 they can open and manipulate the panel.

Scale Up : Scale Down : Show/Hide Round Images : Show/Hide Center Lines : Show/Scale/Hide Grid : Undo : Redo :

Align Selected Icons Left : Center : Right : Top : Middle : Bottom : Equal Space Horz : 1/4 Inch Space Horz : User Defined Horz Spacing :

Equal Space Vert: 1/4 Inch Space Vert : User Defined Vert Spacing : Quick Help : Panel Template Selection

See the Icon Bar topic for a detailed description.


Avionics Tree

The avionics tree is the place where users select the equipment they wish to add to the current panel.  


Left-Click (On Equipment)

Shows details in the Avionics Info Window


Adds Equipment to Panel in Panel Window

Drag-Drop (To Panel Window)

Adds Equipment to Panel in Panel Window


Show Context Menu with Add and Edit options

See the Avionics Tree topic for a detailed description.


Panel Window

The panel window, in conjunction with the Icon Bar and Avionics Tree, is the canvas on which instruments are added/moved/aligned and removed.

Left-Click (On Equipment) and Drag

Move single piece of equipment to different location in Panel window.

Hold-Ctrl-key, Left-Click on more than one piece of equipment.  While holding Ctrl drag equipment.

Move multiple pieces of equipment to different location in Panel window.

Hold-Ctrl-key, Left-Click on more than one piece of equipment.  While holding Ctrl, Left-Click on one of the Group Icons mentioned above to invoke the desired effect.

Align/Space/Move multiple pieces of equipment on panel at once.

Right-Click (On Equipment) , from context menu select Remove

Removes a piece of equipment from the Panel.

See the Panel Window topic for a detailed description.


Equipment Information Window

When you click on a piece of equipment in either the Avionics Tree or on the Panel details about that piece of equipment are shown in the Equipment Info pane.  Users can edit this information as necessary by right clicking the equipment in the Avionics Tree and selecting edit or selecting Edit>Equipment from the menu bar.


Avionics List

As you add equipment to the Panel the equipment is added to the Avionics List as well.  The Avionics List keeps a running total of the cost of the panel.

Un-check equipment check boxes to exclude that equipment from the Total an Detail Report.

Click the Include Exclude icons to display or hide the unchecked items from the list.

Clicking the report icon in the Avionics List window will bring up a Panel Summary Report that can be printed or saved as a PDF or Excel file.