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XPanel 5000 Instrument Panel Design Software

  Starting at $79.95 buy now       30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Whether designing your aircraft instrument panel from scratch or redesigning an existing panel, XPanel 5000 makes it easy and provides you with the powerful tools you need to do the job right.

XPanel 5000 Instrument Panel Design Software Screenshot Click to enlarge     With XPanel 5000, designing your airplane instrument panel couldn't be easier. Simply drag and drop avionics onto the panel template of your choice. XPanel's automated alignment and spacing features make it easy to organize your avionics perfectly every time. XPanel automatically tracks your panel's weight, cost and current draw*. When finished, print full scale equipment images, or send detailed panel information to your fabricator to complete the design and build process.    
  • No Subscriptions or Expirations
  • Drag & Drop Instrument Panel Design
  • Automatic "Required Equipment" Tracking
  • Print Full Scale Equipment Images ***
  • Print Panel Full Scale ***
  • Easily Add and Edit Equipment
  • Panel Collaboration & Sharing
  • Automated Cost, Weight & Draw Estimation
  • Hundreds of Preloaded Avionics and Panel Templates
  • Standard or Metric Measurement Units
  • Select Your Local Currency
  • Built in label and placard creator ***

                         Click to view full scale panel image
View Full Scale
         For high quality, color and black & white printing, we recommend that you take your full-scale panel image to a FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Center® where it can be printed on a single sheet of paper. ***


Although it works well stand alone, XPanel was engineered to provide seamless airplane instrument panel design sharing. With just a couple of clicks you can share your instrument panel design with other XPanel 5000 users. Imported panels remain completely editable so users can make changes, add comments and return the panel providing true collaborative design capabilities.

XPanel 5000 is an easy to use, drag and drop, instrument panel design program that enables even novice users to create airplane instrument panels like a pro. To start using XPanel 5000 today, go to our Downloads section and download the latest version. This is a full version of the software that will operate in **trial mode until unlocked with a product key which can be purchased here.

 Key Features

Easy To Use
Computer experts and novices alike with appreciate the extensive ergonomic engineering that makes this software so easy to use.
Aircraft Instruments Save Time
No more cardboard cutouts and scouring magazines for equipment images. Start designing your instrument panel the minute you load the software.
Kit Plane Improved Instrument Panel Design
XPanel 5000 enables you to quickly experiment with multiple instrument panel layouts to find the one that best fits your aircraft and flying style.
Aircraft Instruments Detailed Equipment List
XPanel 5000 automatically keeps track of your instrument panel's Equipment Categories, Manufacturers, Model, Quantities and Price.
Kit Plane Instrument Panel Collaboration
With XPanel 5000 you can send your instrument panel, with comments, to any other XPanel user where it can be edited, commented and returned.
Aircraft Instruments Integrated Email
XPanel's integrated email system makes sending instrument panels to other users as easy as Panel>Export>Email.
Avionics Instrument Panel Rotation
XPanel allows you to view your instrument panel from the Front, Top, Bottom, Left and Right.
Experimental Aircraft Undo/Redo
Experiment to your hearts content. XPanel allows you to Undo/Redo your last 250 changes.
Avionics User Customization
Although XPanel comes with a huge selection of equipment and panel templates, you can add your own in less than 2 minutes.
Experimental Aircraft Printing
Print full size instruments ***, panels ***, cutout templates and equipment reports with just a couple of mouse clicks.
Avionics Required Equipment
XPanel tracks the avionics added to your instrument panel and informs you when your panel meets VFR,IFR or IFR FL240 requirements in accordance with FAR 91.205.
Experimental Aircraft Instrument Panel Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your software, notify us within 30 days of your purchase and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.
XPanel 5000 is the most feature rich, easiest to use, economical, aircraft instrument panel design software available. buy now

* Current draw will be calculated using numbers provided by the user.
** When operating in "Trial Mode" users cannot save or export panels.
*** Availble in the professional version only.
FedEx service marks used by permission.

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