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These product keys work with version 6.x of the XPanel 5000 software. Your product key will be email to you upon completion of your purchase and is used to unlock software features based on the product type you choose.

XPanel 5000 software is available for download from the Download section.

* After install, run Help>Check For Updates from the XPanel menu to ensure you have the latest updates and enhancements.

Qty Version Product Key Price  
1 Professional XPanel 5000 Software Version 6.X  $99.95 US
1 Standard XPanel 5000 Software Version 6.X  $79.95 US
1 Professional (Upgrade) XPanel 5000 Software Version 6.X  $29.95 US
1 Version (Upgrade)†† XPanel 5000 Software Version 6.X  FREE
Software Version Feature Comparison
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†From any previous non-Professional version to the current Professional version.
††From any previous version to the current version of the same level (Standard or Professional).

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